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Archives: April 2011

Disable SQL Agent Jobs with PowerShell

I had a need today to disable all of our admin jobs while I moved our admin database to another file location. We didn’t want to get a lot of alerts or job failures during the move, even though it took less than 5 minutes. This script runs best in… Read more

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Posted in Eric Humphrey on 25 April 2011

Get all SERVERPROPERTY values for SQL Server

A quick script to grab all the SERVERPROPERTY() values from a SQL instance in a table. Useful when you forget what the propertyname options are. Properties obtained from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms174396.aspx.

DECLARE @props TABLE (propertyname sysname PRIMARY KEY)
INSERT INTO @props(propertyname)
SELECT 'BuildClrVersion'
SELECT 'Collation'

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Posted in Eric Humphrey on 14 April 2011

Notes for Moving BizTalk’s Databases

Yesterday, I was tasked with helping a team move their BizTalk databases to another server. These are my notes for anyone else in this predicament.

In our case we had 6 databases to move:

  • BizTalkDTADb
  • BizTalkHwsDb
  • BizTalkMgmtDb (This is the management database that tells BizTalk where everything else is.)
  • BizTalkMsgBoxDb

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Posted in Eric Humphrey on 8 April 2011

Meme Monday: 11 Words or Less

Thomas LaRock (Blog | Twitter) has started a community blog series call Meme Monday.

Here’s my entry:
Community is nice, but displaces work if you are not disciplined.

I would tag others, but I think everyone I would have tagged has already posted.

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Posted in Eric Humphrey on 4 April 2011

SQL Saturday #63 – Dallas: Wrap-up

SQL Saturday #63 – Dallas was a great event. The venue was great, although parking was a little unclear (I had to walk all the way around the building to get in.) Breakfast was good, but I’m always disappointed when there are no breakfast juices, just coffee, cola or water. Read more

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Posted in Eric Humphrey on 4 April 2011

SQL Saturday #63 – Dallas: Resources

I had the opportunity to present my “What Can You Do With PowerShell?” session in Dallas at SQL Saturday #63. Here are the resources for that talk.

So What Can I Do With PowerShell

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Posted in Eric Humphrey on 2 April 2011