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What a coincidence ....

By Dukagjin Maloku, 2010/06/10

Two of the biggest events in the Technology World will be held at the same date!

PASS SUMMIT 2010 (8-11, November 2010 - Seattle WA, USA)


TechEd Europe (8-12, November 2010 - Berlin, Germany).


We know that in both conferences will have very nice sessions and very valuable, also the presenters are the masters of the IT Technology in many areas (Networking, Database, Programing, BI, System etc), attendees will be also. For the sessions info and submissions you can check in both websites above. I don't know if it is planed or it is a coincidence, on the other side I don't know if somebody have plan to attend in both conferences, I think it would be impossible and finally you should choose just one of them if you have planed to attend.

Here I will ask you in which conference you are prefering to attend!?

~~~ Stay Tuned!

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