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TechUpdate Prishtina 2010, announcement

By Dukagjin Maloku, 2010/06/02

I have non-official info about the Microsoft event, and the only event, TechUpdate Prishtina, in Kosova. The event will be held on 09/06/2010 (dd/mm/yyyy), as always in Grand Hotel in Prishtina. I don't know the exact agenda, but I will publish it later. 

The event will be all the day, with lot of the sessions and with the nice possibility to make a social and professional connection, it is great meeting of all IT people in Kosova.

Tech events are absent in my country, so if somebody is interested to organize any event or any workshop about SQL Server or other technology, don't hesitate to contact me via email I think that the IT community in Kosova are very interested and very enthusiastic to attend in Tech events.


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