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It's Free, It's Non-Stop, It's 24 Hrs of PASS

By Dukagjin Maloku, 2010/05/17

Yea, it's FREE, it's NoN-Stop, it's 24 hours of PASS! Many of the bloggers have wrote about 24 Hrs of PASS, so there it is once again as reminder...

The biggest web-live presentations that will happened in the World, 24 Hrs of PASS, no need payment, just registration and everything is Free, and you will have the chance to see in the presentations, the highest level SQL Server professionals & Top SQL Server community speakers, most of them are SQL Server MVPs and SQL Server World Wide Experts.

Presentations are organized in the sessions: DBA (DataBase Administration), DBD (DataBase Development), BI (Business Intelligence) and PD (Professional Development). Most of them have the little highlighted info that the sessions cover the SQL Server 2008 R2 capabilities.

All sessions will be recorded and they will be available later for online streaming and download(maybe)!

Stay Tuned!

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