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SQL Azure and T-SQL

By Dukagjin Maloku, 2010/05/14

SQL Server Azure database supports the T-SQL, but no at all! For the SQL Server Azure and T-SQL are available three list (Supported, Partially Supported & Unsupported - statements):

Supported T-SQL statements.

Partially supported T-SQL statements.

Unsupported T-SQL statements.

Let's take a look with an example:

~You cannot use:
SELECT * INTO NewTableName
FROM SourceTable

to create direct new table with T-SQL statement.

In this case you should create the NewTableName with the same structure as source table:

        Fields datatypes
        ... same structure as source_table



INSERT INTO NewTableName (Fields...)
SELECT Fields...
FROM SourceTable

* Check for more samples.

Stay Tuned!

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