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SQL Profiler ...Error ...Click OK to terminate program

By Dukagjin Maloku, 2009/08/27

Hi to everyone! I decide to write it in my blog here about this problem because really don't have any idea what was the problem with SQL Profiler in both versions of SQL Server ( 2005 & 2008). This error doesn't depend from any SQL Server update or any Windows update ... really wondering!

So the error msg is:

The application faild to initialize properly (0x0000005). Click OK to terminate program. - that's all, nothing else!

So the solutions was:

Start your machine in Safe Mode; logon as local Admin; go to C:\Windows\system32\ ; then find the file with name "sysfer.dll" - very very problematic file that is comming from Symantec Corporation and it is part of Symantec CMC Firewall. This is the file that stops to start the SQL profiler, and sure that I have Symantec End Point protection as antivirus (maybe the other antivirus softwares didn't do this problem!!!).

So just rename the file like sysfer123.dll and leave it; restart your machine and you will be able to start the SQL profiler!

I wrote it in my blog and puting in the tips & tricks, because for the long time for that reason I didn't work with SQL profiler! - too bad!

So finally everyone can enjoy to solve this problem in this way!

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