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The Industry’s Best IT Certification

The Best 10 IT Certification
Every IT Technology has the importance and positive values to use for the business.So the people who will work with these technologies must have strong skills and hardworking. And sure they need technology updates like Certifications, Conferences, Technology events etc. So if we take a look for IT Certifications there is the Industry's 10 Best IT Certification:

    1. MCITP
    2. MCTS
    3. Security+
    4. MCPD
    5. CCNA
    6. A+
    7. PMP
    8. MCSE/MCSA
    9. CISSP
  10. LINUX+

For more information and all details you can check here

Ok these informations are for the end of 2008, so we will see what will happend in the 2009! We have now avaiable the MCM certifications from Microsoft and also some other new certifications from CISCO like CCNA Security, CCNA Voice and CCNA Wireless and more from other companies!

Stay Tuned!

Dukagjin Maloku - Dugi'DBA

Everything that I can post for the SQL Server ...


Posted by K. Brian Kelley on 29 April 2009

It's interesting how very subjective these are. As a result, I've really devalued the "best 10 certifications" lists I've seen in recent years For instance, based on this list, Security+ would be #1 and CISSP would be #2 for security certs. But SC Magazine (which focuses strictly on security) put CISA as #1, which doesn't even make this list. I know that it has certain experience requirements, but then so do the PMP and CISSP...


Note that while CISSP makes the list of finalists with (ISC)2, CompTIA's Security+ does not.

Posted by Hugo Shebbeare on 29 April 2009

Wow! No mention of PMI.org's Project Management Professional Certification ( ! ?) - quite funny considering that Project Managers are forgotten/ignored by the coders (yes this list shows some bias) whilst scope (keeping feature creep at bay), risk management, deadlines/time management, the triple constraint (time, budget, resources) and the all important work breakdown structure are equally important to the IT industry.

But hey, I've personally invested the time in both MCITP and PMP certification...so there's my bias. Whatever the case, having multiple certifications definitely is a good sign for those seeking to be well-rounded IT professionals.

Anyone hold, or know someone who holds, both LINUX+ and MCITP at the same time, for example?  Now there's an intersting contrast.

Posted by Hugo Shebbeare on 29 April 2009

oops...number seven, sorry:)

Posted by Dugi on 30 April 2009

Brian, I know that you are security man (SQL Security and more...) and sure that you have a lot information about security certifications and other security features. I post the list of certifications where the people invest for them and mostly are from MCITP Certifications!

Posted by Dugi on 30 April 2009


Good to hear, that you invest in PMP!

Posted by Hugo Shebbeare on 1 May 2009

Exactly Dugi, it's all about investment.

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