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SSMSDeploy will be available, with source, for donation

After much um-ing and ah-ing I have decided to release my addin, with source code, under the GNU GPL.

I've also registered a domain and hosting service to keep this and any other projects or articles I might like to make available, but I also intend to keep publishing here as well.

When I make the addin available I will ask for donations. I might put up some recommended donations and would be interested to hear what people think would be reasonable. I was thinking something along the following lines:

  • $0.00 AUD for developers, like myself, who want to use the source code to help them with their own SSMS addin creation. Developers don't get paid enough
  • $0.00 AUD for academic, scientific or charitable institutions. These kinds of entities contribute to the good of the world. Their existence is payment enough and it would be an honour just to contribute to their efforts in some small way.
  • $25.00 AUD for small businesses (excluding financial institutions), 1 - 5 developers
  • $50.00 AUD for medium sized businesses (excluding financial institutions), 5-10 developers
  • $100.00 AUD for large businesses, government or financial institutions. These kinds of entities are usually rolling in money.

Donations will, of course, be entirely optional for everyone.

Sound good? My host should make my domain available within the next day or so. I'll try to get a skeleton site up ASAP.

Don Halloran

SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS and maybe even SSRS rants and raves (and, on occasion, useful code or designs).


Posted by Oddvar Eikli on 20 January 2011

You're very modest - it' a bargain!

Posted by Don Halloran on 21 January 2011

Cheers Oddvar :P How's things?

Posted by Oddvar Eikli on 26 January 2011

Well, Don, things are like 'virtually no foreign keys, no check constraints, and cursor driven code. It has disgusting, cryptic column names (seriously... "fld_current"?)' to quote yourself... ;P

Posted by Don Halloran on 27 January 2011

This is Don's total lack of surprise.

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