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Don Halloran

SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS and maybe even SSRS rants and raves (and, on occasion, useful code or designs).

Archives: December 2010

Interlude: SSMS tips


I know I said I was going to add more information about the CDC system in this post, but I wanted to throw up a quick sideline before Christmas.

SSMS is a powerful tool, and one I am very happy with. It contains a lot of really useful features…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 23 December 2010

Easy CDC in 5 hours (less for you!) using automatic code generation.


Update #3:
Another reformat, thanks to andreas for giving me the heads up. The pre tags aren't behaving across browsers so I have had to set a fixed width of 600 pixels. I have also set the inline code text to 10 pixel consolas, which still looks pretty decent…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 21 December 2010

Relational Types.

As I try to drag my team (sometimes with resistance, sometimes with pleasure) into the world of relational principles, I find myself struggling for a good answer as to why type constraints were deprecated in SQL 2005. And further, why we can't derive user types from other user types. Consider,…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 15 December 2010

SQL Standards

Three posts, three critical rants. It's time to be constructive.

I was given the responsibility to decide on the SQL development standards at my company. I think most people with any real interest in database development would enjoy this task. As it happens, enforcing the standard is a little difficult…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 12 December 2010

SSIS: great idea, but buggy as heck.

Oh SSIS, how I love and hate you.

As DBA at my company, I don't actually develop much in SSIS. But I do have to get SSIS packages running through SQL Agent for our various ETL tasks.

The developers are by no means SQL BI experts, and their packages may…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 11 December 2010