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Don Halloran

SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS and maybe even SSRS rants and raves (and, on occasion, useful code or designs).

SOA and message based integration - the challenge of bulk data changes

I'm working on problems of enterprise data integration in the role of enterprise architect, but I am and have been a SQL person for 15 years, so it may be that I look at this topic with considerations that don't get much attention more widely.

So, enterprise data integration! Or…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 19 November 2014

Things That Should Be In TSQL

Relation Types

[PREF] create type type_T(i int primary key clustered, j int check (j > 0)) -- relation type. Includes constraints! create table T(type_T) [ENDPREF]

Relvar Assignment

This follows from relation types: [PREF] create table T(type_T) create table U(type_T) = T declare @V table(type_T) = U [ENDPREF] Strong typing could…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 15 June 2011

Getting Backup File Information from a Table Valued UDF - SQLCLR to the Rescue?


After all of this SMO stuff failed (changing the permission set to unsafe got around the security exception, but instead I got an error about functionality being disabled in the SQLCLR) I gave up and turned back to the idea of opening a connection and using the engine to…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 15 June 2011

SSMSDeploy 1.5 Available: new configuration form and highly tweaked request list

SSMSDeploy version 1.5 is ready. This one has a LOT of GUI tweaks. No database changes in this one, so to upgrade just uninstall your previous version and run the 1.5 installer. You will have to redo your configurations - but now there's a configuration form for that! If your… Read more

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Posted in Don Halloran on 22 January 2011

SSMSDeploy 1.1 Now Available

Fixed a couple of issues and made some GUI tweaks. Please see the download page for the latest version, and the revision history page for upgrade instructions and the list of changes.

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Posted in Don Halloran on 20 January 2011

SSMSDeploy Now Available!

I have finished my website, done all my recompilations, checked all my settings, and finally SSMSDeploy is on the internet, ready to be downloaded.

You can find the setup files as well as the source code for the addin and the wrapper at my new website: allmhuran.com

There are a… Read more

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Posted in Don Halloran on 19 January 2011

SSMSDeploy will be available, with source, for donation

After much um-ing and ah-ing I have decided to release my addin, with source code, under the GNU GPL.

I've also registered a domain and hosting service to keep this and any other projects or articles I might like to make available, but I also intend to keep publishing here…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 15 January 2011

SSMSDeploy Demo #2 - new features

I've made some changes to the addin, adding some new features:

  • Comments: You can now add a comment to your request. The comments show up on most of the addin windows, and you can also see the comment as a tooltip in the deployment list. Requests with comments have their…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 15 January 2011

Updated SSMSDeploy Demo Video

This is just a quick note before I head off for work that I have made a new demo video for the addin. I don't think I inadvertently called it "SQL Deploy" anywhere in the commentary (at least on the third or fourth try).

More importantly, this one was recorded…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 10 January 2011

SSMS Addin Wrapper - Source Code and Usage

Code First, KTHX!

Here, as promised, is the source code for the SSMS wrapper.


My apologies for the brief delay on this. When I started working on this project I had only intended to write the wrapper and release just that. Once I had the idea for my SSMSDeploy…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 10 January 2011

SSMSDeploy - Demo Video Available!


1) I have discovered that there was already a tool called SQL Deploy, so I have renamed my addin to SSMSDeploy, and am in the process of updating any existing references and making a new demo video. Apologies to the author(s) of the original SQL Deploy.
2) New video…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 9 January 2011

SSMS addin (and wrapper)

So I mentioned I'd been working on an SSMS addin. What I didn't mention was that I've also been working on a wrapper to make addin creation easier. I actually first looked at this nearly 12 months ago, but so much reading and trial and error was required that I…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 4 January 2011

Easy CDC part 2: Automating a Quick Initial Load, and Some Gotchas


A couple of weeks ago I made this post about quickly building a CDC system against a vendor ERP database. The key features of this system were the following:
  • the ERP had no built in support for CDC or data warehousing (eg, no inserted/updated datetime columns on tables)

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Posted in Don Halloran on 1 January 2011

Interlude: SSMS tips


I know I said I was going to add more information about the CDC system in this post, but I wanted to throw up a quick sideline before Christmas.

SSMS is a powerful tool, and one I am very happy with. It contains a lot of really useful features…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 23 December 2010

Easy CDC in 5 hours (less for you!) using automatic code generation.


Update #3:
Another reformat, thanks to andreas for giving me the heads up. The pre tags aren't behaving across browsers so I have had to set a fixed width of 600 pixels. I have also set the inline code text to 10 pixel consolas, which still looks pretty decent…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 21 December 2010

Relational Types.

As I try to drag my team (sometimes with resistance, sometimes with pleasure) into the world of relational principles, I find myself struggling for a good answer as to why type constraints were deprecated in SQL 2005. And further, why we can't derive user types from other user types. Consider,…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 15 December 2010

SQL Standards

Three posts, three critical rants. It's time to be constructive.

I was given the responsibility to decide on the SQL development standards at my company. I think most people with any real interest in database development would enjoy this task. As it happens, enforcing the standard is a little difficult…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 12 December 2010

SSIS: great idea, but buggy as heck.

Oh SSIS, how I love and hate you.

As DBA at my company, I don't actually develop much in SSIS. But I do have to get SSIS packages running through SQL Agent for our various ETL tasks.

The developers are by no means SQL BI experts, and their packages may…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 11 December 2010

The best laid plans....

I had big plans for this blog, a place to rant, a place to put cool things I discovered, a place to post code I, and others, might find useful in future. Unfortunately, several months of 60-70 hour weeks have left me with little motivation to do much once I…

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Posted in Don Halloran on 17 September 2010

Separation of interface from implementation

One of the supposed advantages of the EF is that it abstracts you from your database implementation. This is considered to be a good thing. It lets me move between different database products (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc) without having to rewrite anything the business tier of my application. I… Read more

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Posted in Don Halloran on 11 July 2010