Printed 2017/07/27 07:30AM

Free Webinar Series This Week


If you haven’t heard already this week there is a great free webinar series going on that’s meant for beginners.  This series is meant to get you up to speed on many topics like TSQL, DBA Fundamentals, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, and Performance Tuning.  Oh and did don’t forget it’s free! 

It’s your opportunity to see speakers and authors like Jorge Segarra, Patrick LeBlanc, Brian Knight, Brad McGehee, Adam Jorgensen, and myself!  All sessions are recorded so even if you miss the original filming you can download the recording later.  Visit to register to attend. 

I will be speaking Friday on an Introduction to Reporting Services.  Just a little background on my session:  If you know anything about me then you know I hate PowerPoint slides so expect to see a lot of the actual tool and little slides.

This event is sponsored by: SQL Server Central, Pragmatic Works and Wrox

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