Printed 2017/04/26 12:47AM

Reporting Services Carriage Return


Often when designing a report you may find a need to concatenate values in an expression.  For example, you want a column with full names but your data source has names stored separately for first name and last name.  Easy enough you can write an expression like this:

=Fields!FirstName.Value + " " + Fields!LastName.Value

Problem solved right?  Well let's complicate things a little.  Let's say you not only want the full names but all addresses as well but you don't want it on the same line.  You need a carriage return so it looks like a normal address:

Devin Knight

123 Main Street

Jacksonville, FL 12345

As many times as I've used carriage return in reporting services I always seem to forget the syntax for it and have to go search for it.  That's usually the purpose for me writing blogs! 

Using the VbCrLf function I can get my line feed.  It's a call the VB for carriage return and line feed.  Here's the syntax to get my name and address like I need:

=Fields!FirstName.Value + " " + Fields!LastName.Value + VbCrLf +

Fields!Address.Value + VbCrLf +

Fields!City.Value + ", " + Fields!StateProvinceName.Value + " " + Fields!PostalCode.Value

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