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HTTP 404 Not Found with Reporting Services and Windows 7

Here are some steps to fixing an issue I ran into with Window 7 and Reporting Services 2008.  The problem was when I attempted to access the Report Server or Report Manager from my browser I received the error HTTP 404 Not Found.  I didn’t find a direct answer on the web for this but I did see a lot of people being directed to change the port used to 8080 without any explanation why.  I don’t think this is an issue exclusive to Windows 7 but it happened immediately after installing it (maybe someone could shed some light on this part for me).  I didn’t have this same problem while using Vista.  I did the following steps to solve the problem.

1.  Open Reporting Services Configuration Manager

2.  Changed the Web Service URL to use TCP Port 8080 instead of the default 80.

3.  Changed the Report Manager URL Advanced properties to use TCP Port 8080 instead of the default 80.

4.  Restarted the service and I was good to go.

I’m not sure why this fixed the problem maybe someone can leave me a comment to help me out on that.

Devin Knight

Devin is a BI consultant at Pragmatic Works Consulting. Previously, he has tech edited the book Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services and was an author in the book Knight's 24-Hour Trainer: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services. Devin has spoken at past conferences like PASS and at several SQL Saturday events. He is a contributing member to the Business Intelligence Special Interest Group (SIG) for PASS as a leader in the SSIS Focus Group. Making his home in Jacksonville, FL, Devin is a participating member of the local users’ group (JSSUG).


Posted by david.bruneau on 29 July 2009

I believe this has to do with SQL 2008 more than anything.  SSRS in 2008 does not rely on IIS like it did in 2005 and so will not be able to use the same port IIS uses.

Posted by knight_devin@hotmail.com on 30 July 2009

Thanks for the info.  I was curious about this.

Posted by lowmemory on 14 August 2009

I don't know this for sure, but what I did was changed the virtual directory name from reports to reports1, applied the change, and then changed the virtual directory back to reports again.  This worked for me.  In my case, I did not have IIS installed on my windows 2008 server and yet still received the 404 error.

My speculation is that the virtual directory did not successfully get created on the installation and thus "looks" like it is ok but is actually NOT ok.  Assuming you "dont" have IIS installed on your server, I would speculate further, changing the port "may" have initiated a verification of the virtual directory 'Reports' under the new port and thus on finding it missing, it was created.  I'd be willing to bet if you changed your port back to 80 it would work.  Again, that is speculation on my behalf assuming you are not using IIS on that box.

As a side note, I have IIS and SSRS on the same box windows 2008 server.  I enabled host headers to have both using the same port.  For example ssrs.mydomain.com for the reporting and  myweb.mydomain.com for the other site.

Hope that helps someone down the road... sure wish I'd have found it instead of working through it.

Posted by knight_devin@hotmail.com on 17 August 2009

Thanks, that's good info.  Sounds like that's likely te problem I was having.

Posted by awheeler_01 on 10 May 2011

I have a server that was running without problems as installed. Suddenly a user complained that he was unable to access his report. I applied the fix as suggested and it worked. The Reports url does not need the 8080 port applied. Not sure why. Is there any Microsoft documentation on this issue.

Posted by Jason Brimhall on 1 December 2011

Thanks.  I had an inkling that I needed to change the port when I started seeing the 404 error.  Then I came across this post and it was confirmed.

Posted by Vijay-154675 on 28 August 2013

Anything other than port 80 would work.

Posted by san1901 on 13 August 2014

I have been suffering the same problem with an installation of SQL Server 2012 in my NEW PC Windows 7. The installation of SQL Server/RS was a default one just the engine, reporting services, and the tools. Service accounts were left default also for SQL server engine and RS. I can open RS Configuration Manager without a glitch. I follow every recommendation in this article: the 8080 port and the change of the virtual directory, but all were unsuccessful. I do not have ISS running in my PC, so the 80 port should not be a problem; never the less, I left it at 8080. Does anyone have any idea what to do to solve this problem?

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