Printed 2017/07/22 09:29PM

Pragmatic Works Foundation Class


 This week I've been extremely busy working on the new Pragmatic Works Foundation class, which is the brainchild of Brian Knight.  If you haven’t heard of it you can read up about it here.  Basically we’re making an effort to give veterans transitioning from the military to a civilian life an opportunity to learn a new skill in technology .  With some of our partners we’re also attempting to help in entry level job placement for our trainees but of course no jobs are guaranteed.  It completely depends on how devote the trainee is to continue the learning process after our week class.

Brian has written a blog post that has a short description of each trainee and a link to the blogs they’ve been writing during the class.  That’s right, each trainee has their own blog site so they can write about what they’ve experienced and learned each day in class.  Read their blogs!  It’s very interesting to see the change from feeling lost the first days and gaining understanding the last few days. 

All of the students are doing a great job and I’m hoping they will see the value in blogging everyday and continue after the class.  I’ve really enjoyed teaching and feel a little rewarded to read the blogs they write about things they’ve learned are starting to come together for them.

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