Printed 2017/07/26 07:45AM

New SSIS Book to be Released


If you've noticed a significant drop in my blogging I apoligize but I've been working on an exciting project with just about all of my free time.  It’s required a lot of hard work and still more to come before the release but Brian Knight, Mike Davis, and completed the writing portion of the new book Knight’s 24-Hour Trainer.  This book is a little different than most because it makes an effort not to overwhelm you if you’re new to SSIS.  It teaches you just what you need to know to do your job in a format that makes it easy to quickly find exactly how to fulfill your requirements.  The book has a description of each task, transform, or topic and then a step by step example on how you would use the topic.  It will also include a DVD that walks you through each topic which can only help to see exactly what you just read demoed.  Another great feature of this book a crib sheet that will be included that gives you several common problems and what you can do in SSIS to solve them.

You can pre-order the book now from Amazon! Knight’s 24-Hour Trainer

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