Printed 2017/07/23 03:38AM

SQL Agent Job failure with FTP connection


There are hundreds of post on this topic but I just ran into this problem recently so I thought I should add one more.  I created a package that sends a flat file to an FTP.  The package runs fine in BIDS but when you deploy and try and run from a SQL Agent job it fails.  Here’s a segment of the error:

Description: An error occurred in the requested FTP operation. Detailed error description: The password was not allowed  .  End Error

There’s actually a very simple solution to this problem.  By default SSIS makes you package level encryption EncryptSensitiveWithUserKey.  Some of the first posts I saw said to change encryption to DontSaveSensitive, but in testing I actually got a very similar error.  The other option I saw was to try EncryptSensitiveWithPassword.  Success!  That did the trick.

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