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Cube Processing Error HY008

If you've ever had this error "OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Operation canceled; HY008." appear while processing your cube you may be a little confused.  Here were some of my frustrations with it:

  • First, this error doesn't really give you a single place to start looking.
  • Second, it may produce errors on several attributes that it has nothing to do with.
  • Last, there are plenty of references online asking questions about this error but not a lot of answers.

The only clue I had was one warning line after all the errors that referenced the column that was the culprit.  The warning didn't even really directly tell me the problem but it did show me a column to look at.  Turns out there were nulls in this column that caused the problem.  I should have known!  However, with the laundry list of errors that I was given it, that had nothing to do with the real problem attribute, it was hard to determine that nulls in a column was the real problem.  Hope this helps!


Devin Knight

Devin is a BI consultant at Pragmatic Works Consulting. Previously, he has tech edited the book Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services and was an author in the book Knight's 24-Hour Trainer: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services. Devin has spoken at past conferences like PASS and at several SQL Saturday events. He is a contributing member to the Business Intelligence Special Interest Group (SIG) for PASS as a leader in the SSIS Focus Group. Making his home in Jacksonville, FL, Devin is a participating member of the local users’ group (JSSUG).


Posted by david cleaves on 5 March 2009

Hi Devin,

I would really like to get to the bottom of this one and also a better in depth explanation maybe from Microsoft. I had a similar issue with nulls, but it never returned the same column as the source of the error, generally picking from a range of 5 fields.

What I discovered was that the way I had put attribute relationships into my hierarchy combined with the NULLS was the problem. When I took out teh attribute relationships which it couldn't enforce the problem went away.


Posted by Silvia Cobialca on 25 August 2009

We had this same issue, same error mesages, etc, but it solved after restarting the servers. Not sure if I look for NULLs if the restart woiuld fix it.

What do you think?

Posted by knight_devin@hotmail.com on 26 August 2009


That's interesting.  I wouldn't think restarting the server would solve that error.  The problem is the errors are so undescriptive that it's hard to know what each error really means.  Let me know if the error returns.


Posted by Franky Leeuwerck on 9 December 2009

Hello Devin,

We have seen this on a situation where the SSAS session went in timeout during the cube processing.

After adjusting the ExternalCommandTimeOut parameter, the problem was solved.



Posted by knight_devin@hotmail.com on 9 December 2009

That's a great tip thanks Franky!

Posted by zaim_raza on 15 July 2010


i have created one new dimension in cube and this cube is utlizing in SSRS report after successully adding in the cube as dimension and able to browse from cube browser but can't able to see this dimension in SSRS Cube dataset.

any idea that how i incorporate new dimension in SSRS existing cube dataset.

thanks in advance.

Posted by sunny on 26 August 2010

Hi Franky

where can i find the ExternalCommandTimeout Parameter??

I get same error when i process the cube.


Posted by chrystalfaith on 8 November 2011

1. Location =

SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) - Connect to the Analysis Services --> Right click on the server name and select "Properties" --> Check the box "Show Advanced (All) Properties"

2. Change value Find "ExternalCommandTimeout" and change the value to a higher one then the default of 360 and click OK to save

Note: The value is in seconds so if you want to find the hour value = 60 x 60 x number of hours

Posted by Chirag Prajapati on 17 June 2012

If you are getting as state by Devin.(Assuming error  is because of NULL values)

One can do as given below and errors will apper. And Cube will happily processed and deployed.

1. Go to Cube Process Window

2. Click on Change Settings

3. Click on Dimension Key Errors

4. Change null key not allowed --> Report and Stop to Ignore Error.


Chirag Prajapati

Posted by Devin Knight on 18 June 2012

While you can do that.  I wouldn't recommend it because you could be potentially hiding real problems with your data if you change that setting.

Posted by rlholmes on 26 May 2013

I am getting same error. Error processing changes to different attributes when processing the same dim. It does give HY008 at the 1 second mark. Any other options?

-No nulls in data - confirmed.

-The "ExternalCommandTimeout" is already set to 3600.

Posted by hila on 21 November 2013

Thanks a lot a lot a lot,

I'd added a link to this post in my blog, in order to give you a +1 in Google.

Posted by Alpesh Dhori on 13 February 2014

by increasing value of Property called "ExternalCommandTimeout" We sorted the error "OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Operation canceled; HY008.

Posted by Fabian Odu on 24 November 2015

Smashing!. This is a life saver, I have started at this warning and the zillion of errors listed above it and almost pulling what is left of my hair out. Great stuff Devin. Thanks

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