Printed 2017/08/20 03:44AM

Thanks to PASS - Free Laptop


It seems like the benefits of being involved in PASS just never stopped.  If you didn’t see the PASS newsletter sent out yesterday or the PASS website then you don’t know I won a laptop for creating a PASSPort profile

It all happened rather fast.  I got an email titled ‘Congratulations from PASS’ last week that had I not paid attention to the fact it said PASS I would have deleted assuming it was spam.  Luckily I saw PASS and opened it to find out I was the lucky winner.  They gave me the option of building my own Dell XPS with a pretty high limit on how much could be spent on it.

Unbelievably I received the laptop in Fedex yesterday, less than a week after I found out I won.  This was especially fast after Dell said the laptop wouldn’t be shipped until the 22nd. 

I want to publically thank PASS not only for the laptop but for everything it does in the SQL Server community.  If this doesn’t influence you to be involved in PASS in every possible way then I don’t know what will.

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