Printed 2017/06/25 08:02AM

Review of Seadragon: Microsoft’s iPhone application


So I’ve spent the last couple of weeks playing around with the Seadragon application and have come to some conclusions.

Usefullness – 1 out of 5

Seadragon is a glorafied picture viewer.  Had this not been a Microsoft app I would have never downloaded it to test. 

Performance– 4 out of 5

It does have some amazing gigapixel images that can be zoomed in so much with great clarity still.  The app has the ability to probably replace the Google Earth app because of satellite images of Earth that can be zoomed in down to street level.  The thing I liked the most were the paintings that could be zoomed in and you could find other images inside the painting that together formed art.

Overall – 2 out of 5

This app does as advertised.  The only thing that killed my opinion of it is I have no need for an image viewer.  I’ve decided to keep it for a little while longer to see if there are any updates for it that could interest me.  Try it for yourself and see what you think.

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