Printed 2017/07/26 09:07PM

PASS Summit 2008


It’s been a great week at PASS thus far and many others have written on their experiences so I’ll do the same.  The whole experience has been a very overwhelming because this is not only my first PASS Summit but I am also here as a speaker.  I’ve been to several SQL Saturday events and they’ve all been done very well but the amount of money that’s put into an event like PASS makes for a pretty amazing conference.

Brian and I gave our session titled Performance Tuning SSIS 2005 and 2008 today and it seemed to be a big hit.  I spoke mainly about the things we can do in 2005 to tune our SSIS packages while Brian did the same for 2008.  Those I spoke to after the session said they learned a lot and were even a little entertained with the jabs we threw at each other. 

After our session I spent the rest of the day learning from others. I went to several other sessions and plan to spend the rest of my week learning as much as possible from the great talent of speakers that are here in Seattle the week. 

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