Printed 2017/08/17 09:53AM

Post Event SQL Saturday #8 Orlando


This weekend I spoke at Seminole Community College with a session on Reporting Services 2008.  If your interested you can find the PowerPoint slides on .  I was a little disappointed with my presentation due to some issues with the projector and my laptop.  These things happen but luckily Rodney Landrum was generous enough to let me use his laptop so I could at least show my slides and do a little demo with data he had on his laptop.

I was quickly uplifted however by the rest of the event.  Andy Warren organized the event masterfully and was able to bring together some very talented speakers.  There were so many great topics that it made it hard to decide which session to go to. 

If you ever have a similar event come anywhere near you make sure find a way to attend.  It’s definitely worth losing one of those valuable weekend days because of all that you could potentially learn. 

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