Printed 2017/08/18 03:21AM

SSIS Interview Questions


I have decided to make a short series of blogs about possible interview questions to help you prepare for an interview. Last time I wrote about basic DBA questions. Today I have given you some basic SSIS question to study. These basic SSIS questions will give you a starting point on how to prepare for an interview. If you have any other suggestions feel free to add to this list but keep in mind these questions are probably for a mid to junior level BI consultant. I would assume if you're a senior BI developer you know what to expect.


SSIS Interview Questions 

1. What does a control flow do?

2. Generically explain what happens inside a data flow task? 

3. Explain what ETL is?

4. Which task would you use to copy, move or delete files?

5. Which transform would you use to split your data based on conditions you define?

6. Explain the pros and cons of deploying to a file system vs msdb?

7. If you did not know the answer to a question what would be your next step to find the answer?

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