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The one bright spot in an otherwise bad day.

April 1st is a fun day for almost everyone. Playing tricks or just enjoying the tricks played by others. For me personally it is a sad day. It is a day I lost someone very dear to me two years backs.

This year to rub salt to the injury, I… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 4 April 2011

Is the new 4k sector hard drives a blessing or is it going to be the next best thing after Internet?

I read on lots of websites that the new hard drives will be moving to 4K sectors instead of the 512 byte sector size. They are going in this direction so as to increase the storage for the usable data. Currently they have started shipping the 512e transitional technology drives.… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 3 February 2011

MVP Program

There is one thing that have been bothering me for quite some time. I thought I would blog about it. (And make some enemies in the process :-))

The thing that bothers me is the working of the MVP Program or the lack of it. I have noticed at least… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 27 December 2010

SQL Pass Voting forum

So far I have seen lots of blogs about SQLPASS regarding the Slate for this years BoD. I do not want to add anymore to it since it has been covered from all angles quite well by others in the community. My issue is that we are not using the Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 25 August 2010

Congrats to all MVPs (New and Renewed)

Today twitter is buzzing with news about MVPs being confirmed. Some new and some old getting renewed. I am sure all the MVPs I know have been renewed. These Guys and Ladies put so much time of their life towards the community. We should be very thankful to them. So… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 1 July 2010

Ask for something and when you get it no one uses it

There was a time when almost every Chapter leader were asking PASS to find a place where the leaders can communicate with each other. What everyone had in mind is use a forum where leaders can exchange ideas. PASS saw that this was a good idea. There fore they added… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 21 May 2010

My experience while writing for SQL Server Standard magazine

It all started with Grant Fritchey (Twitter @GFritchey) posting on THE THREAD asking everyone if they are interested in writing for SQL Server Standard magazine. He was saying that anyone can write it (Couple of pre requisites though) and the article should have 4000 words in it. It would go… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 7 May 2010

Powershell- Is it easy as everyone claims?

Where ever you read, people claim that power shell is so easy that even a dummy can do it. Really? I beg to differ. Power shell is as easy as any other scripting/programming language. At least that is what I think.

Yes, it is true that even a dummy can… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 8 March 2010

First International speaker for our User Group

I am a nervous wreck today. Tomorrow we will have the first International speaker for our user group. Jimmy may is going to give an hour long presentation on Designing High performance I/O for SQL Server.So far things have gone smooth. He is cool guy. No hang ups. A down… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 17 February 2010

Jimmy May coming to our Local Chapter meeting

This is wonderful news to our new chapter. Jimmy May has agreed to come to give a presentation at our Pass chapter meeting. Yes..!!!! We are a new pass chapter and these kind of contributions will surely help our chapter grow.

It all started sending an email to Sujata mehta.… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 26 January 2010

My first presentation for User Group

Yesterday was the first time I gave a presentation to a group of professional who knows SQL Server. I was quite nervous about giving my first presentation. I went to the conference room to set up my lap top and my projector. I ran into my first trouble for the… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 4 December 2009

To Grant or Not to grant

It is said that you should not give direct table access (even select permission) to a user or group. But with the new ORM tools like N-Hybernate what do we do? N-Hybrbate is not designed for Stored Proc access. They are not even planning to have Stored proc support. So… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 25 November 2009

A good way to learn

I have noticed that one of the best way to learn about a certain topic is to write an article regarding it. When you do write an article, it forces you to do some research, read lots of documents and then try it out. You do not want to give… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 25 November 2009

Starting up a Pass Chapter

I am on my way in setting up a Pass chapter on our tiny Caribbean island. I had no clue how to go about it. First I contacted Gail Shaw. She gave me some valuable tips. Then I got in touch with Andy Warren. He send me a reply within… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 17 June 2009

What a fortnight I had

This has been one of the most stressful fortnight in this company. I did not feel this stressed when our SAN went down couple of years ago. First someone messed with the Back storage server while Warm standby restore was going on. This Made the Warm StandBy Cold.

Then yesterday… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 25 March 2009

How Humans Behave

It is strange how people react in different circumstances. Yesterday while going through the forums, there was an interesting post. As usual I jumped in and gave my two cents. Since it was an interesting issue quite a few of the Old hands too jumped into the fray giving opnions.… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 15 January 2009

What a day to start Blogging

I have been thinking of writting a blog for the past 6 months but never had time or could I make time. Today I thought I would write one. And what a day it has turned out to be.

Morning was a simple and quite day. I had hoped it… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 13 January 2009

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