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Who says you cannot mix business with pleasure?

By Roy Ernest, 2011/09/21

There is an advice out there that says never to mix business with pleasure. It is not true in all cases. If I ask the question "Can I mix business with pleasure?" the answer would be the same old "It depends".  In some cases it is best not to do it but in the particular case I am about to provide, the answer is Yes, you can.

Just imagine yourself lounging on a beach chair with a nice ice cold beer or a Pina colada in your hands on one day and on the next day taking a deep dive into the world of SQL Server. Imagine you taking a submarine ride to watch the deep sea life or exploring the ocean life by scuba diving and the next day listening to presentations done by SQL Server experts. What about enjoying the carnival or swimming with the dolphins and learning the secrets of Denali? Tempting? Take a look at the event SQL Saturday 103. It is held on the sunny Dutch Caribbean Island.

By organizing SQL Saturday on the Caribbean, what we are trying to do is to give a unique opportunity to those people who like to enjoy, a chance to learn and have fun at the same time. The website is up and running for barely 24 hours and we already have a good selection of prospective sessions. Don't waste this opportunity. Register yourself and have fun while learning.

This could be you instead of the geek.

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