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Why you should blog more

By Roy Ernest, 2011/09/01

I was trying to write an article for a long time. Every time I start writing one, I would put it off for one reason or another. Last week I was actually successful in finishing the article. I got it reviewed by couple of my friends (Johan and Jason). They did a great job of reviewing it. They made my article from garbage to something presentable.

I submitted the article for official review at SSC. The article was review by next day morning. It was one of the best reviews I got. NO, I did not get raving comments saying that it was an excellent article. On the contrary, it ripped the article apart. I am glad that Steve (@way0utwest)  did that. To be honest I was not surprised.  One of the complaints I got from my colleagues at work is that when I write or reply any emails to them, I assumed that they knew what I was talking about. This caused communication issues.

The advice Steve gave me to improve my writing skills were to blog more. He is right. When you blog more, you are actually learning how to communicate through writing. You will learn how to express your self. When Steve does the review, he is not just making sure that the article published at SSC is good, he is also teaching the writer how to communicate.

Regarding the article, I took his comments very seriously and tried to make all the changes. I still have feeling that the article could have been improved. I am hoping that if there are more mistakes, Steve will point it out to me.

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