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I am a Big Bro

By Roy Ernest, 2011/08/15

The first time I did any volunteering work for PASS was last year at the Summit. I enjoyed doing it. Therefore I made up my mind that this year I will volunteer more for PASS.

With this in mind, I volunteered myself for the first request. It was for Chapter Leaders only page. I had to miss the first meeting because I had a prior appointment at the same time. There were couple of emails send but that project seems to have gone asleep. I have not heard anything else from anyone. After that I volunteered to be part of the program committee for editing the abstracts for the PASS Summit. That was interesting. I was able to do my bit on time and send it over.

Now I have volunteered my self to be a Big Brother to the first timers of the Summit. This is going to be a challenging work and will require more time and dedication. The main difference is that in this case I have to reach out to the first times assigned to me and keep giving them information. I also should help them do networking. When you are a Big Bro, you have to take the intiative and keep everyone posted regarding different activities/programs. You are the first contact for every question that they might have. It is a challenging work but enjoyable.

I have been assigned eight people in my team. There was one small mix up with one person and that was sorted out efficiently by Karla Kay. Till date, I have send two emails and the response has been awesome. Out of the eight, seven has respoded to me in a very enthusiastic manner. I am still waiting for one person to reply. I will try to reach out to him once again this week.

If any of you have attended PASS Summit before and you have not volunteered yet to be a Big Bro, please do so. I am sure you will enjoy it and you will make a difference to the First Timer that is assigned to you. Just send an email to stating that you want to volunteer as a Big Bro/Sis.

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