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I am a Big Bro

The first time I did any volunteering work for PASS was last year at the Summit. I enjoyed doing it. Therefore I made up my mind that this year I will volunteer more for PASS.

With this in mind, I volunteered myself for the first request. It was for Chapter Leaders only page. I had to miss the first meeting because I had a prior appointment at the same time. There were couple of emails send but that project seems to have gone asleep. I have not heard anything else from anyone. After that I volunteered to be part of the program committee for editing the abstracts for the PASS Summit. That was interesting. I was able to do my bit on time and send it over.

Now I have volunteered my self to be a Big Brother to the first timers of the Summit. This is going to be a challenging work and will require more time and dedication. The main difference is that in this case I have to reach out to the first times assigned to me and keep giving them information. I also should help them do networking. When you are a Big Bro, you have to take the intiative and keep everyone posted regarding different activities/programs. You are the first contact for every question that they might have. It is a challenging work but enjoyable.

I have been assigned eight people in my team. There was one small mix up with one person and that was sorted out efficiently by Karla Kay. Till date, I have send two emails and the response has been awesome. Out of the eight, seven has respoded to me in a very enthusiastic manner. I am still waiting for one person to reply. I will try to reach out to him once again this week.

If any of you have attended PASS Summit before and you have not volunteered yet to be a Big Bro, please do so. I am sure you will enjoy it and you will make a difference to the First Timer that is assigned to you. Just send an email to newcomer@sqlpass.org stating that you want to volunteer as a Big Bro/Sis.


Posted by Steve Jones on 15 August 2011

Good for you, Roy, and hope to see you again at out meetup on Monday night.

Posted by Roy Ernest on 16 August 2011

Thx Steve. I am bringing the gang along for the meet up on Monday.

Posted by Jason Brimhall on 16 August 2011

Good luck.  Big Bro sounds interesting and fun.

Posted by Nigel Peter Sammy on 16 August 2011

Is this Monday night meetup going to be like the meet up last year on the Sunday?

Let me know so I can put my flight on the Sunday instead.

Posted by Roy Ernest on 17 August 2011

This meeting is the one with Andy Warren and Steve. Andy and Steve are going to buy the first round of drinks. :-)

Posted by Andy Warren on 22 August 2011

Nigel, yes the one we had on Sunday last year will be Monday night this year, hope to see you there!

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