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Why you should ask your CTO to attend the User group meetings.

By Roy Ernest, 2011/05/06

When we (Bill Wunder and me) started our user group, the first person we invited to sign up to our website was the CTO of the company. There are some advantages in having your CTO attend the user group meetings.

One of the main advantages is that he/she will get more information regarding the SQL Server. This helps when some decision needs to be taken regarding a product. The CTO will understand why the DBA’s are for or against a certain design or flow for the products. He/She will also make sure that the DBA’s are involved in the design phase and will talk to the DBA’s before any decision is taken.

The other advantage is at the time of reviews. Yes, that is correct. He/She will keep in mind how much effort you made to educate your fellow colleagues and other members.
When you run a user group, you are always strapped for cash or sponsorship. At least that is how it is in our user group. When ever there is a special event, you can always go to your CTO and ask him to get the company sponsor the event. He/She will take extra effort in getting the financial aid that is needed.

Last but not the least; you get the company to sponsor you to go for SQLPass summits. Last year the CTO had no second thoughts in sending me to Seattle for the summit. This year my CTO is sending my colleague for the SQLRally. Yesterday I went and asked him if I could go for the Summit in Seattle, he did not hesitate to say yes. His answer was “Off course”.

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