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The one bright spot in an otherwise bad day.

By Roy Ernest, 2011/04/04

April 1st is a fun day for almost everyone. Playing tricks or just enjoying the tricks played by others. For me personally it is a sad day. It is a day I lost someone very dear to me two years backs.

This year to rub salt to the injury, I got into a car accident. The worst thing is it was not my fault at all. The guy too the turn too wide and came into my lane and hit my car.The car was damaged pretty badly but I was lucky enough to get way with just a jolt (Shaken, not stirred). To be honest, I have had three accidents in this car since I bought it one year ago. Maybe it is time to sell the car.

The only bright thing that happened on the day was the news that Paul White (@SQL_Kiwi) got his MVP status. The reason why I am happy was because I had the honor to nominate him for MVP status. When I saw that it was taking way too long for them to confirm his status, I blogged about it here. Lots of other MVPs promised that they would push for his MVP status. Looks like all the pushing worked.Thanks to everyone who pushed for it.

Paul has one of the best Blogs I have read. He is very smart and he helps people out in forums and on Twitter. This is one guy who deserved to be a MVP. I am very happy that he got it. Congratulations Paul. You deserve it.

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