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Congrats to all MVPs (New and Renewed)

By Roy Ernest, 2010/07/01

Today twitter is buzzing with news about MVPs being confirmed. Some new and some old getting renewed. I am sure all the MVPs I know have been renewed. These Guys and Ladies put so much time of their life towards the community. We should be very thankful to them. So a special thanks to you all and we the SQL community appreciate it very much.

I know that there are lots of them still waiting for the confirmation email. I wish you all the very best. There are some I know quite well who have been nominated but still waiting for confirmation. Let me tell you, even if MS does not confirm you, You are as good as any other MVPs out there.

There are also others who are not MVPs and have not been nominated to become an MVP but have put aside a lot of time for the betterment of the community. Please continue with what you have been doing till now. We need you. I know quite a few in SSC who are as good as any existing MVPs. We appreciate it very much. I am sure in the near future, you all will be nominated to become an MVP.

Congratulations to you all once again. We the SQL community looks up on you all. All of you deserve to be a MVP.

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