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Ask for something and when you get it no one uses it

By Roy Ernest, 2010/05/21

There was a time when almost every Chapter leader were asking PASS to find a place where the leaders can communicate with each other. What everyone had in mind is use a forum where leaders can exchange ideas. PASS saw that this was a good idea. There fore they added a forum inside their flagship website just for the chapter leaders. Well done PASS..!!!

I log on to the forum hoping to see some exciting threads and voila. Just two threads, No replies. I decided to start a thread on my own. The thread was aimed at getting chapter leaders start talking to each other and a place where the PASS board could see what the chapters were talking about. But to my surprise the number of views on that thread has remained at a constant two for the past two days.

Does this mean that I am the only one who has logged on to the forum during the past two days? Not even the board members or the forum moderators? Am I missing something here? And today morning I saw Douglas McDowell trying to push chapter leaders to start using it as well. Maybe we should try to encourage every one to start using the forum. This is much more efficient than sending emails to the Chapter leaders.

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