Printed 2017/08/23 04:41AM

Powershell- Is it easy as everyone claims?

By Roy Ernest, 2010/03/08

Where ever you read, people claim that power shell is so easy that even a dummy can do it. Really? I beg to differ. Power shell is as easy as any other scripting/programming language. At least that is what I think.

Yes, it is true that even a dummy can do a small script in Power shell to print "Hello World". But if you really want to use the power of power shell it is no cake walk. Yea, you can copy scripts from the internet to get lots of things done but do you know exactly what is being done?

About two months back I though I would write a script to get the file names in a particular directory into a table. For this particular exercise I could not just use dir command. I had to use the Get-ChildItem. Then I had to figure out how to open a database connection, how to do a select query and also how to do an insert. Was I able to do it? Yes, I was. But am I sure I wrote it in the best possible way? I have no clue.

And let us not forget about security. What holes are we opening up on to the Database server by using Power shell? Are we trying to understand before we start using it? You better look at what execution policy you want to use for your script.

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