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First International speaker for our User Group

By Roy Ernest, 2010/02/17

I am a nervous wreck today. Tomorrow we will have the first International speaker for our user group. Jimmy may is going to give an hour long presentation on Designing High performance I/O for SQL Server.So far things have gone smooth. He is cool guy. No hang ups. A down to earth guy. We went to see the carnival along with his wife. Tonight me and wife are going to have lunch with Jimmy and his wife.

I hope all the members in our chapter show up and make this a big success. I did a press release regarding this event. I hope that will drive in some people. I hope to have around 30 people attending this meeting. I am still thinking if I missed some detail that is critical. The problem is that our island is so small. It has only 200,000 people. To get 30 people to come for this meeting is going to be challenge. I am hoping for the best.

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