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My first presentation for User Group

Yesterday was the first time I gave a presentation to a group of professional who knows SQL Server. I was quite nervous about giving my first presentation. I went to the conference room to set up my lap top and my projector. I ran into my first trouble for the night. The conference room did not have extension code to connect my lap top and projector. One of my colleague started going around trying to get one.
Two minutes before the presentation was to start, he was able to get one. I gave a sigh of relief and connected my lap top and projector. My second problem of the night came up. The SQL Server would not start up on my lap top. I forgot the fact that I changed my password on my lap top. So I had to wing it without my SQL Server.
Since I am the president of the User group, I started of the meeting with a new game. "What is New" was the name of the game. I just asked people what they learnt in the recent past when working with SQL Server. I got the meeting moving in the right direction. Everyone got involved in the meeting. My nervousness was gone. I was all pumped up.
I started the presentation at 7:45 PM. It was supposed to be a 45 Minute presentation. I was almost through the slides and I looked at the watch, it was just 8 PM. I thought I messed up. Then the audience got involved. They started asking question. The presentation became an interactive one. The next time I looked it was 5 minutes 9. I was like WOW. Where did the time go. Over all it was a good one. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Everyone had great feedback regarding the presentation.
I am looking forward to my next one. But I will have to wait for at least 4 months since the next 3 months I have others making presentation.


Posted by Tim Mitchell on 4 December 2009

Congrats, and welcome to the world of presenters!  Yes, if something can go wrong with your hardware or presentation, it will eventually happen in front of an audience.  Sounds like you were able to overcome and make a good time of it despite the glitches.

And it does get easier.  The nervousness never completely goes away no matter how long you've been presenting, but as you improve you'll be more confident and less nervous each time.

Posted by Roy Ernest on 4 December 2009

Thanks Tim. It was fun though to interact with your audience.I think it will be boring if the audience do not interact with the presenter.

Posted by Tim Mitchell on 4 December 2009

You're right about that.  I also do a lot of webcasts, and I prefer live presentations because of the interaction with the audience.

Posted by Wesley Brown on 4 December 2009

Congrats indeed! I give a lot of presentations throughout the year and prefer live meetings as well but I'm really trying the virtual thing so I can speak more to a broader group of folks.

Posted by Dugi on 4 December 2009

Congrats Roy ... nice to hear that you broke the Ice in presentation, I think interactive presentation!

Posted by wnylibrarian on 4 December 2009

Much congratulations! For everything and everyone there is a first time. Like anything the more you do it the more comfortable and confident you'll be.

Posted by Roy Ernest on 4 December 2009

Thank You all. It was a great feeling. But what makes me more happy is that I am not going to get another chance to present for the next four months since those spots are already taken. Our user group has some guys and ladies who want to participate in everything.:-)

Posted by Brad M. McGehee on 4 December 2009

I also want to add my congratulations. Speaking is not easy, especially for the first time. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Roy Ernest on 7 December 2009

Thanks Brad... I had set some goals for myself this year. This was one of them. I still have one more goal to finish and I have only 23 days to do so.. :-)

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