Printed 2017/07/24 10:02AM

A good way to learn

By Roy Ernest, 2009/11/25

I have noticed that one of the best way to learn about a certain topic is to write an article regarding it. When you do write an article, it forces you to do some research, read lots of documents and then try it out. You do not want to give out wrong information to people who read it.

It also becomes your job to make sure that you answer the questions raised by people who read it. For that you have to do some additional research. All of this helps you in leanring about the topic. You become an expert for that topic.

Another good way to learn is to do a presentation on a topic to a small user group. I was looking forward to giving my first presentation this Thursday for our local User group. I did quite a bit of research on the topic while I made my Power point presentation. Unfortunately I have to wait till next week because we had to postpone the meeting from tomorrow.

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