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What a fortnight I had

By Roy Ernest, 2009/03/25

This has been one of the most stressful fortnight in this company. I did not feel this stressed when our SAN went down couple of years ago. First someone messed with the Back storage server while Warm standby restore was going on. This Made the Warm StandBy Cold.

Then yesterday someone took down one of the servers that I had just introduced after setting up the neccessary DB's and configuring the Server for production use. Now I have reset everything back again.

And this whole week and last one, I have been seeing that the DB get unresponsive. It started throwing lot of General Network error. I checked and this had nothing to with the Actual network issues. Seems like the number of User connection to the Db was getting very high. Around 3000 open connections.

Then to rub salk on the wound, I lost all my performace Monotor counters fro SQL from my Main DB. Only way to get it back is to do a reboot on the server.I hope it does not get more worse than it is. I am tired.....Angry and Frustrated...

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