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How Humans Behave

It is strange how people react in different circumstances. Yesterday while going through the forums, there was an interesting post. As usual I jumped in and gave my two cents. Since it was an interesting issue quite a few of the Old hands too jumped into the fray giving opnions. Strange part was that the thread starter made couple of comments that really irked quite a few of us.

The old hands to their credit criticized the thread starter for his behavior. But they did not stop from helping him out. I guess the thread starter learnt a lesson today. You dont act like that when someone is offering free help to your problem. Also learn a bit of Humility.

I have always been in interested in human psychology. It is an interesting topic. Long long time back, when I was in my home land, I used to hang out at a video rental shop that is run by my friend. We would sit there and analyze each person walking in to the store and guess what type of movie they will rent or if they will even rent a movie. Usually we are right. But sometimes we get surprises. This helps in our daily Job as well. When we do an interview, we know what we are going to get by analyzing them.


Posted by Roy Ernest on 15 January 2009

What happened to all my line breaks?:-( I am sure I had line breaks.

Posted by Jeffrey Yao on 16 January 2009

Roy, I do not know which forum post you are referring to. But I think this can be an interesting topic about behavior / response in the forum.

I seldom post questions on the MS monitored forum, but when I do I usually get the reply from MS online support staff. I do appreciate their work / help, but usually some junior supporters' (even some MVP) reply and explanation makes me feel "bad", because they challenge your common sense and make a waste of time on both sides. One example is I was explained that if a job runs longer than its schedule interval, the job will have a missing execution, i.e. if a job is schedule to run every 10 minutes, and it is now 10:00am, the job starts and does not finish until 10:15am, then the job will miss its 10:10am execution.

I mean "come on", do you feel "bad" or funny when you see such explanations? :-)

Posted by Roy Ernest on 16 January 2009

Jeffrey, You are right. I was talking about a response in this forum itself. I dont post in MS forum. I get response very very late. And that too, not an accurate answer.

There are quite a few charecters in this forums. Some just post question that are being asked by an interviewer or someone taking a test. :-)

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