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What a day to start Blogging

I have been thinking of writting a blog for the past 6 months but never had time or could I make time. Today I thought I would write one. And what a day it has turned out to be.

Morning was a simple and quite day. I had hoped it would be a quite and peaceful day. Then I made a blunder. I decide to tackle something that I had been putting of for another day for the last two weeks. I wanted to add another Subscriber to my replication set up so that I will have some applications read from one subscriber and the others fro the new one I am building.

I planned it quite well. I have some tables that did not need snapshot. So I restored the DB to the new Subscriber and then added the new subscriber. I added the Articles that did not need snap shot. Everything went fine. Smooth Sailing I thought. Then I added Articles that needed snapshot. That is when my day turned in to a night mare. (Our Db is around 300 GIG). It started the Bulk copy, started applying the pre snap shot. Then BANG. Here comes the Dead locks. The SnapShot Agent started dead locking with Stored procs from our web site that does insert. Ah... What a mess. I stopped the Agent from retrying. I cant restart the agent now since it is getting very very busy now. Aaargh. I will wait till tomorrow morning to restart it again.


Posted by Steve Jones on 13 January 2009

What a way to get started, but it makes for a good blog entry.

Welcome, Roy!

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