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DBA On The Go

I've been working in Enterprise IT environments for roughly 10 years. My move to become a DBA was new, but expected. I've worked in secure DoD databases and secure Pharmaceutical databases. One thing to note, the security aspect isn't a lot different. My goal is to marry Databases and security in a functional manner and see how we can speed these things up with minimal work.

Issues Installing SQL 2008 R2 on Server 2012 R2 Clustering

Oh so the nightmare begins. 

At the bottom I've included a set of links where I found my answers. What I'm doing here is just giving a comprised list of what I had to do to get it to work. I ran into a few issues almost immediately.

I got…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 3 March 2014

Free Month To PluralSight!

Free Month of PluralSight!

Ok, personally this is pretty cool. www.SQLSkills.com is giving away a free month to pluralsight! Well, let me rephrase a bit. They're giving away a free month of PluralSight to people who run a bit of code on their SQL Server(2005 and up) for 24 hours.…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 25 February 2014

SQL Saturday OKC 309!

SQL Saturday OKC is coming up!

The event will be August 23rd, 2014!

Now is the time to get signed up. We already have three great precons ready.




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Posted in DBA On The Go on 24 February 2014

First Presentation Ever And My 50th Post

Last Monday was the first time I've ever presented anything. Honestly, it was the first time really speaking in public in front of a large group. I learned a few things then. This may seem obvious to anyone who's done this even  through high school... but I didn't really do…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 17 February 2014

Do Not Set Maximum Ram To 0 Ever - Mistakes We Make

I'm going down memory lane here and remembering one of the first things I did as a DBA. I was told by one of our other DBA's that if you have 40GB of RAM for a database and it's not working very well, the fix is to modify the max…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 10 February 2014

What Tables Are In My Filegroups

One issue I've found a bit troublesome is trying to find out what's in a specific Filegroup. Let's say you're trying to clear off a lun or just a drive and you see a file labeled, "iudexes7.ndf". Now unless you built this and have a steal trap for a memory...…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 3 February 2014

Forcing Results To Conform For Exports

This one is a bit off for me. I've had to make SSIS exports kick out in specific ways such as how a number is returned or how many spaces a column returned every time regardless of how long the actual return was. Here's a few things I've put in…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 27 January 2014

PowerShell Remote Commands

This is something I've found useful here recently when I had a server acting up. It's a simple way to send commands to a remote server such as 'shutdown -r'

Enable-PSRemoting -Force

Enables to you actually remote through PowerShell.

Test-WSMan Server1

Just tests that you can reach the server through…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 22 January 2014

Who Do You Rely On?

We tend to think of ourselves as self reliant. Sit and think for a second, how many people do you rely on?

Help Desk

Our angry callers hit them first. They let us know if something's down and our monitor doesn't see it. The more information we can give them,…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 20 January 2014

Restore Master From Backup

There are a few posts running around talking about restoring master from backup. Thomas LaRock has a fantastic "How To: Restore The Master Database In SQL Server 2012" post. It's very well organized and has a lot of great examples and directions. SQLSkills also has a survey up…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 15 January 2014

What Tables Are Wasted?

Wasted space still seems to be on everyone's mind to some extent. I've wondered what tables do we use? We have our offenders, those are easy to track. What about that little database that's been around for 4 years that no one left even really knows what it does? I…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 13 January 2014

New Baby Girl!

On the 7th of January, 2014 my baby girl Kaitlyn was born. She came in about a month early.

This is my mother and my wife using face time so that my sick grandmother can see the new grand baby. It wasn't an intentional 4 generation picture.

Sleep exists... but…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 9 January 2014

Posts I've Found Interesting:

This is a question I had until I came across a great script by The Scripting Guys. The script below is unaltered and entirely their creation. I just found it useful enough to forward it along. This is a short post. Prepping for a baby on the way has…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 6 January 2014

Final Giveaway And Some Stats

Today I'm honored to give the final prize in a month of free giveaways here, the book; Professional SQL Server 2012 Internals and Troubleshooting to Robert! I have been lucky enough to give away 4 months of PluralSight to Komal, Annapu Reddy Gayathri, Aadhar Joshi, and Daniel.

Things I've Learned Blogging


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Posted in DBA On The Go on 1 January 2014

Final December Giveaway!

Today I'm giving away the book Professional SQL Server 2012 Internals and Troubleshooting. If you live outside the continental US, I'll instead send you a 25$ card to amazon to use however you wish. Congratulations to all the winners we've had so far! Do not forget to post here!…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 30 December 2013

SQL Saturdays Coming Up!

Don't forget! Monday is the final give away! I will be giving away a free copy of the Professional SQL Server 2012 Internals and Troubleshooting. Any previous winner can win this as well. If you live outside of the continental US, I will send you a code for a…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 27 December 2013

Powershell Backups and Post Frequency Change

It's been a good run doing a post every day. I'm scaling it back a bit. I liked getting these 36 posts out one a week day for some time now. I'm going to scale back. I"m not sure yet if I'll go down to one or two a week.…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 26 December 2013

Christmas Day Winner and RDC Clients: Day 13

Finally we'll see who won the final training prize! The winner is Komal! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! The free book post is going up Dec 30th and the free book winner will be announced New Years day! As always, I will need an E-Mail to do the drawing and…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 25 December 2013

Pre-Holiday Checks: Day 12

Expecting that great Christmas Day dinner, fire roaring, kids screaming, Excedrin stock prices skyrocketing and maybe a little something for you? I hope your servers are in good shape. No one likes being called in on such a day. This isn't things to check on your server. This is just…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 24 December 2013

Can Your Database Survive A Bus? Final Training Giveaway!: Day 11

This is the final training give away  for a free month of Pluralsight! A comment on this post gets your name in the hat. The only rule is that you have an E-Mail address for me to mail the winner. Next week is the final giveaway this month in the…

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Posted in DBA On The Go on 23 December 2013

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