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Matan Yungman is a Technical Evangelist and senior consultant at Madeira SQL Server Services. His job is to get the word out about SQL Server. He speaks, lectures, writes, teaches and consults about SQL Server, focusing mainly on performance tuning, database development, high availability and database design. He’s passionate about SQL Server, technology and the SQL Server community.

Cool Tool – SQL Space Map

I came across a cool open source tool called “SQL Space Map“.

The tool, written by Ryan McCauley, presents a visual representation of table and index sizes:

It can be very handy when you need to quickly understand what are the main tables in a database.

It… Read more

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 17 April 2013

Weekly Links – 05/04/2013

I’m starting a new tradition:

Before each weekend, I will post links to the best SQL Server stuff i’ve read, heard and watched, as well as to other interesting stuff. Each category will usually have 3-5 links, depending on my pace and focus on that week.

Below are the links… Read more

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 5 April 2013

The Axis Of Evil

Views, table variables and local variables are great in terms of programming principles.

But In terms of performance, they can be a honey trap: They don’t scream “DANGER!” like cursors or user defined functions, but they can cause serious problems very easily.

That’s why I call them “The… Read more

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 20 March 2013

Do You Know sys.dm_exec_text_query_plan?

One of the most fundamental DMF’s a SQL Server DBA should know is sys.dm_exec_query_plan.

This Dynamic Management Function allows us to see the Execution Plan for queries that are either currently running or have been cached.

For example, the following query will return the plan for queries that are currently… Read more

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 12 March 2013

On Trends And Proportions

Assuming you’ve been on earth lately, you probably heard the terms “Big Data”, “Hadoop”, “NoSQL” and so on.

Companies want to check what they can do with Hadoop, trying to understand what Big Data is and how it can generate more income. Big Data experts pop up on LinkedIn, newspapers… Read more

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 5 March 2013

SQL Server Videos

About two weeks ago, I wrote about SQL Server Podcasts and why I love that medium so much.

Today, I want to talk about the various video sources for SQL Server (luckily for us, there are lots of them).

The video medium is great because you can view sessions from… Read more

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 26 February 2013

Things You Can Find In The Plan Cache

Two weeks ago I delivered a presentation called “Things You Can Find In The Plan Cache” to the israeli SQL Server user group. Among the subjects we talked about were:

  • Why the Plan Cache is needed
  • The right ways to work in order to increase plan reuse
  • Plan Cache Dynamic…

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 18 February 2013

SQL Server Podcasts

Photo credit: Digitalnative

About a year ago, I came across an online deal for a car stereo system with a USB port.

After the purchase, I had to wait a long time until the guy at the shop installed the system, but after passing this hurdle, it turned out to… Read more

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 14 February 2013

Querying Execution Plan XML For Inaccurate Row Count Estimates

I read this awesome post by Joe Sack, titled “Detecting Cardinality Estimate Issues with sys.dm_exec_query_stats”.

I was amazed by the beauty of his detection query, ran it on my environment, and discovered some interesting things.

Then I revised it a little to reveal more information and filter out more… Read more

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 31 January 2013

What Queries From The Application Do To Your Plan Cache

Usually, a database is meant to serve some kind of application, and .Net applications have a few possible ways to query the database.

In this post we will see how ADO.Net queries, NHibernate, Linq to SQL and Entity Framework query the database, and how it affects SQL Server Plan Cache… Read more

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 9 January 2013

Small Changes Can Make A World Of Difference

SQL Server 2012 is best known for its bombastic new features: AlwaysOn, Columnstore indexes, Window functions enhancements, Extended Events enhancements, and more.

But there are other little and less known tweaks that might seem less revolutionary, but can make our lives much easier. Below are a few of them:


Read more

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 30 September 2012

What I Expect From 24 Hours Of Pass

24 Hours of Pass is tomorrow. If you haven’t registered yet, now is a good time.

I expect to:

  1. Have little to no sleep time
  2. See some cool tricks like this one pulled out of someone’s sleeve
  3. Expand my troubleshooting and performance tuning arsenal
  4. Practice my architectural and database…

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 19 September 2012

5 Performance Killers When Working With Linked Servers

When working with linked servers, the most expensive factor to consider is the amount of data that will have to travel over the network.
It’s important to write the right code on the right server, since each mistake can be very expensive in this area.
Below are a few common…

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 8 September 2012

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