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Matan Yungman is a SQL Server DBA at the Microsoft Protection Services operations team. He fell in love with T-SQL in 2003 and since then took part in various challenging projects, focusing mainly on performance tuning, database development, high availability and database design. He is passionate about SQL Server, databases and technology in general.

Archives: March 2013

The Axis Of Evil

Views, table variables and local variables are great in terms of programming principles.

But In terms of performance, they can be a honey trap: They don’t scream “DANGER!” like cursors or user defined functions, but they can cause serious problems very easily.

That’s why I call them “The… Read more

5 comments, 1,930 reads

Posted in DB NewsFeed on 20 March 2013

Do You Know sys.dm_exec_text_query_plan?

One of the most fundamental DMF’s a SQL Server DBA should know is sys.dm_exec_query_plan.

This Dynamic Management Function allows us to see the Execution Plan for queries that are either currently running or have been cached.

For example, the following query will return the plan for queries that are currently… Read more

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 12 March 2013

On Trends And Proportions

Assuming you’ve been on earth lately, you probably heard the terms “Big Data”, “Hadoop”, “NoSQL” and so on.

Companies want to check what they can do with Hadoop, trying to understand what Big Data is and how it can generate more income. Big Data experts pop up on LinkedIn, newspapers… Read more

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Posted in DB NewsFeed on 5 March 2013