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Matan Yungman

Matan Yungman is a Technical Evangelist and senior consultant at Madeira SQL Server Services. His job is to get the word out about SQL Server. He speaks, lectures, writes, teaches and consults about SQL Server, focusing mainly on performance tuning, database development, high availability and database design. He’s passionate about SQL Server, technology and the SQL Server community.

Archives: January 2013

Querying Execution Plan XML For Inaccurate Row Count Estimates

I read this awesome post by Joe Sack, titled “Detecting Cardinality Estimate Issues with sys.dm_exec_query_stats”.

I was amazed by the beauty of his detection query, ran it on my environment, and discovered some interesting things.

Then I revised it a little to reveal more information and filter out more… Read more

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Posted in Matan Yungman on 31 January 2013

What Queries From The Application Do To Your Plan Cache

Usually, a database is meant to serve some kind of application, and .Net applications have a few possible ways to query the database.

In this post we will see how ADO.Net queries, NHibernate, Linq to SQL and Entity Framework query the database, and how it affects SQL Server Plan Cache… Read more

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Posted in Matan Yungman on 9 January 2013