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Scaling out SQLLunch UK

By Dave Ballantyne, 2013/01/11

As you may be aware, I have been running a lunch time user group ‘SQLLunch UK’  having stolen drawn inspiration from Patrick Leblanc (t|b) ’s SQLLunch webcasts.  These however are not traditional webcasts, as although we use remote speakers,  to watch you have to get away from your desk for lunch and come down to the venue.  I know that many people would like to watch from their desk but there are many webcasts and I think that this formula does offer something different.

We have been London based since inception and now the opportunity has arisen to scale it out to another location.   Steph Locke, who run the Cardiff user group, has accepted the challenge and will now be holding SQLLunch’s in Cardiff at the Buffalo Bar 11 Windsor Place, Cardiff CF10 3BY.  Having now had a fair bit of experience, im hopeful that there wont be to many extra technical challenges presented by two venues.

Our first SQLLunch with this format is on the 22nd of Jan with Conor Cunningham (b) of Microsoft.

Signup for both the London and Cardiff events is at

Hope to see you there

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