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Execution plan warnings–All that glitters is not gold

In a previous post, I showed you the new execution plan warnings related to implicit and explicit warnings.  Pretty much as soon as i hit ’post’,  I noticed something rather odd happening.

This statement :

select top(10) 
from Sales.SalesOrderHeader
join Sales.SalesOrderDetail
on SalesOrderHeader.SalesOrderID
= SalesOrderDetail.SalesOrderID
Throws the “Type conversion may affect cardinality estimation” warning.
Ive done no such conversion in my statement why would that be ?  Well, SalesOrderNumber is a computed column , “(isnull(N'SO'+CONVERT([nvarchar](23),[SalesOrderID],0),N'*** ERROR ***'))”,  so thats where the conversion is.
Wait!!! Am i saying that every type conversion will throw the warning ?  Thankfully, no.  It only appears for columns that are used in predicates ,even if the predicate / join condition is fine ,  and the column is indexed ( and/or , presumably has statistics). 
Hopefully , this wont lead to to many wild goose chases, but is definitely something to bear in mind.  If you want to see this fixed then upvote my connect item here.


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