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Steve Hughes is a Principal Consultant at Magenic. His area of expertise is in data and business intelligence architecture on the Microsoft SQL Server platform. He was also the data architect for a SaaS company which delivered a transportation management solution for fleets across the United States. Steve has co-authored two books and delivered more than 30 presentations on SQL Server and data architecture over the past six years. He also provides insights from the field on his blog at

Countdown to PASS Summit 2012 – 2 to Go – I’m Presenting Again

I assume at this point some of you are already in Seattle and even getting ready to attend Preconference Sessions. If you are, enjoy them. Many are now in the process of traveling to the conference including myself. So, if you are still looking at the schedule, consider hitting one… Read more

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 4 November 2012

Countdown to PASS Summit 2012 – 3 to Go – Setting My Schedule

Three days to go. I need to get my schedule sorted out, how about you. What influences your schedule? Since this is my schedule, here are some of the things that influence my schedule choices: 1. When do I speak? J I have to make it to those sessions for…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 3 November 2012

Countdown to PASS Summit 2012 – 4 to Go – SQL Karaoke, Really?

Four days to the Summit. Will you be singing? Last year was my first time attending SQL Karaoke. While I did not sing, it was a fun night and a great opportunity to have some fun with peers. Check out Jason Strate (@StrateSQL) and friends. This year there are two…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 2 November 2012

Countdown to PASS Summit 2012 – 5 to Go – Communities in the Community

Just 5 days to Summit kick off. Today’s discussion is about communities within the community. That’s right. There is more to this community than meets the eye. Here are some examples which include some great opportunities at the conference. Local User Groups These communities are the heart of PASS. Without…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 1 November 2012

Countdown to PASS Summit 2012 – 6 to Go – Magenic Brings 9

Getting closer, 6 days to Summit 2012! Today, I just have to give kudos out to Magenic, my current employer. You may have seen my #Meme15 post a while back on why I like my job. That post was about Magenic. Well, in this post, I wanted to talk about…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 31 October 2012

Countdown to PASS Summit 2012 – 7 to Go – My First Summit Presentation

Seven days, one full week, until opening night at Summit 2012. Getting excited yet? In my first post of the series where I discussed my first Summit, I mentioned that I also spoke at that conference. In 2007, I was accepted to speak on the fairly new XML Data Type…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 30 October 2012

Countdown to PASS Summit 2012 – 8 to Go – What Is PASS Anyway?

Eight days to go. So after going to my first conference, I was surprised that I did not know more about PASS at the local or national level. I had been involved with the Minnesota SQL Server User group from early on. However, the conference highlighted this national organization. When…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 29 October 2012

Countdown to PASS Summit 2012 – 9 to Go – My First Summit

We are less than ten days to the start of PASS Summit 2012. I thought it would be fun to put together a countdown blog series so here goes. My first blog is about my first PASS Summit. I attended my first PASS Summit in 2007 in Denver, Colorado. At…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 28 October 2012

Using Word 2013 to Create Blog Entries

Over the past few years, I have used Windows Live Writer to create my blog entries on WordPress. Given the nature of Microsoft’s push to use Office for more including social and other online presence, I thought I would see if Word 2013 would actually work to create and edit…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 26 October 2012

X-XMLA: vii. Partition Management with XMLA

In the 7th article of this series, I will discuss how to manage your partitions with XMLA.   We will be focused on the partition structures as opposed to partition processing which was covered in the previous post. Creating or altering a partition I have already discussed object creation with XMLA…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 10 October 2012

T-SQL Window Functions on LessThanDot and at SQL Saturday 149

I recently completed a series of blog posts on on T-SQL Window functions.  The enhancements to SQL Server 2012 in this area are phenomenal.  They solve a myriad of issues including calculating running totals with SQL.  Check it out if you want to learn more and get some simple…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 26 September 2012

X-XMLA: vi. Processing and Out-of-Line Bindings in XMLA

In this post, I will progressively go through processing a partition from full process, to incremental process, and finally to incremental process with out-of-line bindings.  This will provide you with additional samples to examine the results of partition processing with XMLA. Note: these examples use the Adventure Works DW 2008R2…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 19 September 2012

SQL Saturday #149 and CodeMastery–Minnesota Events

We are less than two weeks away from SQL Saturday #149 in Minneapolis on September 29, 2012 with two preconference sessions on September 28.  In case you haven’t heard, we are having the main event on a Saturday.  Yes, the precons are on Friday this year.  Check out the details…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 18 September 2012

Windows 8 and Hyper-V: It’s that easy!

First, I need to set the record straight – I am not a systems guy.  When I need work done to set up a server or install an OS or handle networking, I usually talk to people who know what they are doing.  After the system is ready, I am…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 30 August 2012

#meme15: Reasons I Like My Job

When Jason ( B | T ) posted this assignment, I thought it would be a fun topic to write on.  Before I get into my reasons, some history is in order.  I will have been employed at Magenic ( T ) for over 8 years.  My employment has not…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 15 August 2012

Upcoming BI and Data Events with Magenic in Fall 2012

As I started looking over my event calendar, I was amazed at how many events Magenic is sponsoring, hosting or providing speakers for over the next couple of months.  As always, one of my goals is to make everyone aware of opportunities to increase their knowledge in BI and data…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 14 August 2012

O, There’s the Data: Using OData in SSIS

The Open Data Protocol (OData) is an open specification created Microsoft to enable exposing data in a standard way from a variety of sources.  OData is natively supported in many of Microsoft’s products including PowerPivot, Excel 2013, SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services Tabular Model, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and Entity…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 23 July 2012

Excel 2013 Will Impact BI Users

As noted in that great text, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Don’t panic!” Excel 2013 will make even more capabilities available to BI users.  This includes having xVelocity natively supported in the tool which makes much of the PowerPivot capabilities available in a spreadsheet which used to only be…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 17 July 2012

X-XMLA: v. Creating XMLA Script from Visual Studio and Deploy the Database

This will be the easiest entry in this series.  This is a reblog of an article I wrote last year. Simple batch script to generate XMLA and deploy SSAS DB As I was working through some issues with my cube design, I realized that I wanted to deploy my SSAS…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 26 June 2012

Presenting at PASS Summit 2012

I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the PASS Summit again after a four-year “break”.  I get the privilege to present on some awesome new technologies released in SQL Server 2012. Here are my sessions for this year’s Summit: A Window into Your Data:  Using SQL…

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 22 June 2012

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