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Introduction: Developing with SQL Server

By Justin H-Davies, 2010/01/29

As a developer based primarily in the Microsoft world I have over the last 10 years spent time working with four of the main Seattle produced database products: Excel, Access, SQL Express and SQL Server.

In this time I have learned to find my way around each product and made use of them for my production work from small scale product catalogs to enterprise wide corporate intranets.

Looking back now I learned my trade by trial and error and many hours spent with my buddgy Google. So hopefully some of you will appreciate this series of articles on Developing with SQL Server.

It is my intention to cover a range of topics from connecting to a database, writing a stored procedure, using the SQL tools within Visual Studio and some more complex SQL queries that developers may find handy.

If there is anything you would like to see as part of this series please let me know.

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