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Data Adventures

My personal journey in an intricate world of data and continuous effort to make it more structured and well understood can be found in this blog.

I live and work in Canada - see my profile on LinkedIn.

Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) in Azure Data Factory using DevOps and GitHub

(2019-Feb-18) With Azure Data Factory (ADF) continuous integration, you help your team to collaborate and develop data transformation solutions within the same data factory workspace and maintain your combined development efforts in a central code repository. Continuous delivery helps to build and deploy your ADF solution for testing…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 18 February 2019

Creating custom solution templates in Azure Data Factory

(2019-Feb-11) Azure Data Factory (ADF) provides you with a framework for creating data transformation solutions in the Microsoft cloud environment. Recently introduced Template Gallery for ADF pipelines can speed up this development process and provide you with helpful information to create additional activity tasks in your pipelines.

We naturally long to…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 11 February 2019

Developing pipelines in Azure Data Factory using Template gallery

(2019-Feb-08) I often see demos of Azure Data Factory (ADF) development techniques with a modest set of activity tasks and not very complex logic for a data transformation process. Knowing more about ADF capability may generate additional interest to learn and start creating data transformation projects within this platform; additionally,…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 8 February 2019

Azure Data Factory integration with GitHub

(2019-Feb-06) Working with Azure Data Factory (ADF) enables me to build and monitor my Extract Transform Load (ETL) workflows in Azure. My ADF pipelines is a cloud version of previously used ETL projects in SQL Server SSIS.

And prior to this point, all my sample ADF pipelines were developed in so-called…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 6 February 2019

Can I add a custom reference layer to ArcGIS and use it in Power BI?

(2019-Jan-28) When you work with maps using ArcGIS visual in Power BI, you always have a feeling that it is a tool within another tool. On a surface level, you have options to set data attributes for geo coordinates, coloring and time controls. However, when you go into the…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 28 January 2019

Time Animation with ArcGIS Maps in Power BI

(2019-Jan-14) Dynamic maps with dynamic visualization usually attract my attention, especially when I look at the satellite images of various cloud formations in the upper levels of the atmosphere. Heatmaps could be another example where animation could play a supportive role to point geo data changes as well as certain…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 14 January 2019

Creating my own Map Shapefiles for Power BI

(2019-Jan-06) In the past, I used to always rely on shapefiles crafted by others to create my map visualizations in Microsoft Power platform. City regions, country province territories, other shapefiles came from open data repositories and constructed by other people. After writing my last blog post on Using WGS 84…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 6 January 2019

Using WGS 84 shape maps in Power BI

(2018-Dec-31) Back in July of 2018, Ontario provincial government of Canada decided to decrease the number of Toronto city wards from 47 to 25. That was affirmed by conducting the municipal election a few months later in October of 2018 to select councils for those newly shaped 25 wards.

This whole…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 31 December 2018

Email Notifications in Azure Data Factory: Failure is not an option

(2018-Nov-27) When something goes wrong with your data transformation process in Azure Data Factory, the last thing you expect to happen is to lose control and visibility. You want to be notified right after this error event occurs or you need your technical support team to become aware and engage…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 27 November 2018

System Variables in Azure Data Factory: Your Everyday Toolbox

(2018-Nov-20) After working and testing the functionality of variables within Azure Data Factory pipelines, I realized that it's worth to explore existing system variables. That's basically could be my toolbox to collect and store control flow metrics of my pipelines.

Looking at the official Microsoft resource System variables supported by Azure Data…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 20 November 2018

Append Variable activity in Azure Data Factory: Story of combining things together

(2018-Oct-29) There are only a few sentences in the official Microsoft web page that describe newly introduced activity task (Append Variable) to add a value to an existing array variable defined in Azure Data Factory - Append Variable Activity in Azure Data Factory But it significantly improves your ability to…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 29 October 2018

Setting Variables in Azure Data Factory Pipelines

(2018-Oct-15) Working with Azure Data Factory you always tend to compare its functionality with well established ETL packages in SSIS. Data flow task have been recreated as Data Copy activities; logical components have found they cloud-based siblings; as well as new kids on the block, such as Databricks and Machine Learning activities…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 15 October 2018

Maps in Power BI. Do I really need them?

(2018-Aug-30) While preparing for a recent Power BI Toronto meetup session, I found a very valuable whitepaper on Maps in Power BI written by David Eldersveld from the BlueGranite consulting company, and I had used some of the ideas and examples from that document in my presentation.

There is one…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 30 August 2018

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI: Plus subscription (2nd part); What's in it for me?

(2018-July-29) My initial attempt to explore and test the ArcGIS Map paid version continued after receiving a response from the ESRI support team. Initially, I couldn't see all the additional features of the Plus subscription and I wrote about that in my last blog post - ArcGIS Maps for Power…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 29 July 2018

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI: Free vs. Paid version

(2018-July-25) I like the ESRI company slogan, "The Science of Where". Hopefully, it will help someone not to get lost in the myriads of geo points on their maps. 

Working with ArcGIS map visualization in Power BI, you always hit that notification point that tells you about more features available in the…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 25 July 2018

SQL Server data flow into Excel template with Power Query function-based parameter

(2018-July-15) Your case is to create an Excel template with data extracted from a backend SQL Server database; it takes a few minutes and Power Query is a very handy tool to connect/shape and extract your data into a worksheet format. What if you need to create multiple files where…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 15 July 2018

Power BI with Mapbox and Volcanic Ring of Fire

(2018-May-27) With recent Hawaiian volcano activity, it would be interesting to see how other similar events have shaped our Earth planet. The NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) provides public access to the Volcano Location Database - https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/nndc/struts/form?t=102557&s=5&d=5. And currently, it contains information about 1571 known volcanic eruptions

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Posted in Data Adventures on 27 May 2018

Power BI with Maps: Choose Your Destination

(2018-May-20) A childhood dream to travel around the world fueled by reading Gulliver's Travels stories and Robinson Crusoe attempts to survive on a deserted island. Those books were filled with geographical description and map locations. I think I always loved working with maps and I still do! There is something that could captivate…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 20 May 2018

Geometry Objects in SQL Server using Latitude/Longitude coordinates

(2018-Mat-31) Support for spatial geometry functions was initially introduced in SQL Server 2008 and then it was greatly improved in Denali (SQL Server 2012) version of the product - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/relational-databases/spatial/spatial-data-sql-server

Back then, when I was reading about the spatial features in SQL Server, I wondered where I could use this functionality…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 31 March 2018

Power BI with different Network Visualizations

(2018-Feb-10) A few days ago Microsoft provided another update for its desktop version of the Power BI data analytical tool - https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/power-bi-desktop-february-2018-feature-summary/. Among all the major updates in this release, there was one new custom network visualization added by ZoomCharts. It wasn't the first network visualization available in the Power…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 10 February 2018

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