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Data Adventures

My personal journey in an intricate world of data and continuous effort to make it more structured and well understood can be found in this blog.

I live and work in Canada - see my profile on LinkedIn.

PowerPivot Saga 2: DAX OR function (OR there is something better)

I didn't realize that the DAX OR function only accepts 2 arguments compared with the similar function in Excel where a limit of arguments is set to 255. This difference only occurred to me when I received an error in my PowerPivot data model with an attempt to list more than 2 arguments…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 24 December 2014

PowerPivot Saga: Scheduled Refresh more than once a day

PowerPivot data models in Excel is a great way to quickly pull data from various sources, build relationship between different tabs along and creating different calculations. Once a model is built then it can be further utilized in reporting. 

Users want to have their reports to show updated information that…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 3 November 2014

SSRS report rendered in EXCELOPENXML then something went missing

Recently I had been requested by a client to look into one of their SSRS reports issues. They had one report with a text box that contained some padding from the left side. All seems to be OK, report showed indented text values both in RPL and PDF rendering extensions;…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 16 October 2014

SSIS Pivot makes you stronger

At the recent Toronto SQL Server User group meeting Michal J Swart (@MJSwart) gave a good presentation based on 10 of his blog posts. There was one (Forget About PIVOT, You Don’t Need It) that got my attention; first, I remembered that I had read…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 15 October 2014

SSRS report: Multi-value parameter going after Data-driven subscription

It is always good to enrich SSRS reports with multi-value parameters; users have more flexibility to combine different reporting scenario with no need to run a report for different parameter values separately. On the other hand, developers can craft their skills to embed multi-value parameters into report datasets; referencing different…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 27 August 2014

Power View report migration from SharePoint 2010 to 2013

With the latest changes to the Microsoft Power BI and ability to create Power View reports within an Excel file (starting from Excel 2013) perhaps there will be no big need to migrate old stand alone Power View reports which were based on Power Pivot data models created in Excel…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 24 July 2014

SSRS report subscription: Fire Event from SSIS package

My previous two posts about SSRS reports being deployed to a SharePoint site along with their subscription didn't stop me from exploring the whole things of SSRS reports subscriptions; regardless of their deployment environment either native or SharePoint mode.

After exploring different aspects of the subject (Subscriptions and Delivery

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Posted in Data Adventures on 22 July 2014

SSRS reports in SharePoint mode, Saga #2: PowerShell generates email subscriptions

Life is full of opportunities, it only takes to notice and use them. About 3 months ago I wrote a post about deploying reports using a PowerShell script (PowerShell, help me to publish my SSRS reports to SharePoint!) and at my new project I proposed to apply the…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 7 July 2014

And I wonder, where that column is?

I wouldn't have decided to write this post if I didn't see my boss at one of my previous jobs being really persistent and careful in his attempts to write his TSQL code. It started when I heard him pressing space-bar at his keyboard too much, I came to his desk and saw him lining…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 30 April 2014

PowerShell, help me to publish my SSRS reports to SharePoint!

Every time when I heard the word 'PowerShell' it was just like a call to Terra Incognito, you know nothing about it and the longer you stay away the more interesting it becomes to learn. You think of people who could create PS scripts to install and setup complicated systems…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 9 March 2014

SQL Server and MS Access 2013 are still friends in Azure!

With more and more features being added to the SQL Server I started thinking that its friendship with MS Access 2013 began to fade away. Originally, their long relationship had been solidified through the course of both products maturity, from SQL Server 7.0 to 2008 R2 and MS Access 2000…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 13 February 2014

My Visual Studio crashed and I didn't know why!

Recently I had to develop a simple ETL task with the help of SSIS to transfer an Excel data file into a SQL Server table for reporting. It was nothing special, simple file and only a fraction of it needed to be transfer to I had use a SQL command…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 31 January 2014