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Cody Konior

Recognised expert in SQL Server database administration and patching, PowerShell automation and operational validation, SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Master Data Services, with 10 years of experience. I focus on building elegant and scalable solutions to tough operational problems, and engage daily with SQL Server and PowerShell communities.

Exporting configuration data from SQL Sentry

SQL Sentry is a pretty cool monitoring system but there's a downside to having so many knobs to turn: it's next to impossible to find out which knobs have been turned. Let's look at an example.

First I built a five replica multi-subnet Availability Group using my PowerShell module OftenOn Read more

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Posted in Cody Konior on 7 November 2018

Don't go to the PASS Summit speed networking session

Up until now I've been enjoying my first PASS Summit and doing my own light networking.

  • At breakfast and lunch there's a sea of open tables. I've found it's fine to sit down and introduce yourself to strangers at a distance, share what you do, and maybe hand them a…

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Posted in Cody Konior on 6 November 2018

SMO "leaks" SQL login passwords (in memory) and (some) SecureStrings in clear-text

Updated 2018-11-04: Expanded test code, renamed the title of the post so it's clearer.

SMO (SQL Server Management Objects) are the .NET classes underpinning SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and all good PowerShell that interfaces with SQL Server.

SMO connects to SQL Server using the ADO.NET SQLClient library which has… Read more

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Posted in Cody Konior on 3 November 2018

Validating SMO security bugs with Pester

SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) are the .NET classes underpinning Management Studio and all good PowerShell that interfaces with SQL Server.

It also exposes your SQL Server Authentication passwords in plain-text and doesn't support basic ADO.NET connection security introduced in 2005, or even better and more desirable security introduced in… Read more

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Posted in Cody Konior on 20 March 2018

Availability Group round-robin read-only routing isn't magic

I've been hearing about round-robin read-only routing ever since SQL 2016 came out but whenever I tried to test if it's working it never seemed to be. But now I know exactly how it works and there's a few loopholes where it may not trigger, and they're not the documented… Read more

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Posted in Cody Konior on 8 March 2018

Upgrading an expired SQL Server 2016 Evaluation Edition

It's happened to almost everyone. Someone installs Evaluation Edition and now you need to upgrade it to a licensed copy using "Edition Upgrade" in the SQL Server installer. Microsoft would have you think this is easy even if the copy has expired but the truth is far more difficult.

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Posted in Cody Konior on 30 November 2017

Are your disks formatted with UseLargeFRS?

PureStorage has a pretty cool post that mentions the importance of formatting SQL Server disks with a 64KB clusters and the /L flag (also known as the UseLargeFRS switch on PowerShell's Format-Volume cmdlet).

Why UseLargeFRS? It's to help avoid DBCC CHECKDB failures on large/busy databases. But how do you… Read more

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Posted in Cody Konior on 18 October 2017

Something you didn't know about validating full-text indexing

My favourite way to compare technical experience with others is to ask them about the ways in which something can fail. Anyone can recite BOL but it's edge-case knowledge that shows a DBA has been hardened through trench warfare. After all if you've seen my talk about operational validation,… Read more

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Posted in Cody Konior on 26 April 2017

Availability group replica murdered in cold blood by WSFC

This problem was first flagged by a daily operational validation test I wrote using everything in my recent webinar to health check all of my AG components. My test wrapped some of the logic of the Test-Sql* functions built into the SqlServer module:

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Posted in Cody Konior on 15 March 2017

ERRORLOG records max out at 2049 characters

Stupid question… what's the schema of a table with sys.sp_readerrorlog output? Well you might be surprised if you're used to using nvarchar(max) or nvarchar(2048).

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Posted in Cody Konior on 2 March 2017

I like you, but I don't like your best practice (power plans)!

I saw this tweet from the always awesome @DBArgenis and @sqldbawithbeard and couldn't help but feel a bead of sweat track down my neck because I like them, but I don't like their best practice

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Posted in Cody Konior on 20 October 2016

Recipe for an awesome (free) SQL Server workstation

  1. Windows 10. Where we're going we don't need legacy software, but if you do, then download PowerShell 5.0 instead.

  2. SQL Server Management Studio 2016 and SQL Sentry Plan Explorer (Free). Don't forget that you should use Import-Module SqlServer instead of SQLPS for new work.

    Did you know SSMS…

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Posted in Cody Konior on 16 August 2016