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Chris's SQL Blog

SQL Server Consultant with extensive experience in the financial, health and retail sectors. Strong in all areas of SQL Server and specialise in Security but really get my kicks from System Optimisation and Performance Tuning. Being a DBA is a thankless task at times but sadly I do enjoy it. Organiser of the SQLNorthEast Usergroup (@SQLNE) and the Newcastle leg of SQLRelay (www.sqlrelay.co.uk) as well as trying to help out others where I can via social network (follow me @SQLGeordie)

Powershell and Dynamic SSIS (or any for that matter) Config files

As I imagine that the majority of people who are reading this will have some level of SSIS knowledge, I’ll not go into explanations about package configurations in SSIS and its various methods but rather jump straight to it.

The majority of environments I’ve worked in where SSIS packages are… Read more

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Posted in Chris's SQL Blog on 5 December 2011

Powershell to Script out SQL Server Objects using a CMS list

I’ve recently decided I’ve got to get with the times and started dabbling with Powershell. Up until now i’ve not really seen any use (as a DBA) for it from a SQL Server perspective as I’ve been able to achieve pretty much everything in the past using TSQL, VBScript and/or… Read more

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Posted in Chris's SQL Blog on 19 September 2011

Being an Exceptional DBA Award 2011 Finalist

On Wednesday 13th July at 16:06 (GMT) I got what could only be described as the biggest shock of my 31 years on this planet – an email from the Exceptional DBA Awards 2011 saying that I’d made it as one of the final five! To say it’s an honour… Read more

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Posted in Chris's SQL Blog on 25 July 2011

NetApp Dynamic Backup Script

For those of you who’ve worked with NetApp and SnapManager for SQL Server, you will know can generate a scheduled backup as a SQL Agent Job. Simple, click through the GUI, selecting the Databases you want to backup, the schedule etc etc and a job is created with a command… Read more

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Posted in Chris's SQL Blog on 9 June 2011

SnapManager Epic Fail – oh dear!

An ex colleague and good friend of mine has recently been having trouble with Snapmanager for SQL, anyone had similar troubles? Would be interesting to see peoples thoughts on this as i share his concerns….

Bearing in mind that this may very well be down to human (sysadmin) error… Read more

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Posted in Chris's SQL Blog on 7 April 2011

Why I don’t like NULLs and Nullable Columns

As I imagine (or hope), the majority of us adhere to some form of standards in the environment that they work in. Whether that be whether you have to wear a Shirt and Tie, be in for 9am or those of us in a Database or Development environment, Coding Standards. Read more

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Posted in Chris's SQL Blog on 25 March 2011

Database Mail – Collection of SQL Server Scripts

As part of my blogging I’ll be periodically providing readers with a collection of my scripts which I use on a daily basis (collected over the years) and hopefully others can gain from these and utilise them going forward.

Today i’m providing a list of Database Mail scripts I use… Read more

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Posted in Chris's SQL Blog on 21 March 2011

Poll: – Index Rebuild / Defrag, what page count filter do you set?

After reviewing a number of clients overnight index defrag / rebuild scripts over the years, I’m intrigued to know how many of us actually set the page count filter when capturing the fragmentation levels.

I know there’s a lot of debate around the value to set and personally I set… Read more

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Posted in Chris's SQL Blog on 11 March 2011

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