Printed 2017/08/22 08:52PM

SQL Agent Visual Job Schedule Viewer

By Chad Miller, 2010/05/15

If you have experience with the SQL Server Agent you quickly realize the difficulty in managing job schedules. On a busy server with many SQL jobs scheduled to run throughout the day at various times finding clashing job schedules and long running jobs is hard to do using the native SQL Server tools.

To address this issue I’ve been looking for a simple way to visualize the SQL Agent job schedule information and I was just about to write my own tool before finding a very nice product called SQLJobVis from SQLSoft. Using SQLJobVis I was able to quickly see jobs that were long running and jobs with overleaping schedules:


SQLJobVis  is a great example of how data visualization in the right way makes finding information much easier. At this point, the utility is freely available from SQLSoft and they are just  looking feedback and feature requests. So, give SQLJobVis a try and be sure to let them know if you find the tool useful.

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